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Juba Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. (JEDCO) was established in May 2018. It is a Private Public Partnership (PPP) company incorporating EZRA Construction & Development Group (ECDG) holding 52% of the shares and South Sudan Electricity Corporation (SSEC) which holds 48% of the shares.

JEDCO was established to distribute electricity to Juba, generated from the EZRA power plant built and run by ECDG. JEDCO is now the only electricity service provider in the South Sudan electricity supply industry.

The company started electricity distribution operations on November 21, 2019 after the EZRA power plant was commissioned by His Excellency General Salva Kiir Mayardit. 

Since then, JEDCO has recorded significant achievements including the expansion of capacity and networks. JEDCO has introduced various different mechanisms and innovative ideas to attract customers, and create a stable electricity market in Juba, South Sudan. One such initiative is the introduction of an industrial tariff which encourages customers to use more energy.

Since its inception, JEDCO has always been guided by legal regulations governing all market transactions and has ensured that it continues to engage in robust consultative and stakeholder processes to ensure transparency, fairness and accountability.



At JEDCO, our VISION is to be the national electricity distribution company which is most admired for its provision of reliable and sustainable electricity services that satisfy our customers with affordable and competitive prices in Juba, South Sudan.


We strive to provide consistent quality and competitively priced services that exceed our customers’ expectations. We aim to treat our customers with respect and care by anticipating their electricity needs, developing innovative solutions, and using state of the art technology and human resource development.


  • We promise to always prioritize the safety of our customers and employees
  • We commit to acting with integrity, high ethical standards, impartiality and fairness
  • We strive to deliver excellent, high quality, cost effective and innovative service to our customers.
  • We deliver excellent quality service to our customers, which is cost effective and innovative
  • We believe in giving back, so we’re prioritizing our corporate social responsibility
  • We work hard to make reasonable profit

We develop teamwork and trustworthiness among employees

Provides safe customer electricity connections in compliance with governing licenses & regulations

What We Do

  • Bills customers & collects revenue from energy sales based on the retail tariff determined by the authorities
  • Maintains prepaid metering & billing
  •  Procures & installs prepaid & postpaid metering systems
  • Expands distribution network & connections to domestic, government, commercial & industrial customers
  • New meter connections, reconnections, relocations, meter enlargements and meter changes
  • Emergency service available 24/7

What Our Clients Say

“The electricity has changed our home lives. We use it to cook, power our refrigerator charge our phones and other gadgets. We, like most people, are happy with the government’s efforts to supply power to the city. It’s been helpful having electricity connections in most areas of Juba. It has changed the way students, like me, study. Now we find it easy to revise our notes and prepare for exams or tests.”
Angar John, secondary school leaver.
“I have greatly benefited from the power supply. I deal in women’s clothing, I have a sewing machine and I recently hired a tailor for a business. I bought cloth material to make dresses and since connecting our electricity, we’ve increased our production because we now work beyond the normal hours. These days, thanks to electricity I tailor clothes between 8 pm and 10 pm which was not the case previously. If the clothing market prices comes up I will be able to make more money in my business thanks to our increased production.”
Ayak Anyang, mother and clothes dealer.
“Having electricity has proven to be more beneficial. Previously I used to run a generator, but it would only work for short durations and I would always worry about it breaking down. I’m so happy that I don’t need to worry about the burden of operating a generator – there’s no more heavy diesel bills or repair work that I have to pay for. Now with an electricity connection, I don’t have to worry about anything. There are a lot of advantages to having a steady power supply. My shop cannot run without electricity for example our drinks always need to be refrigerated. Now with a constant supply of electricity, I have more customers, my business is doing well and it’s running very smoothly.”
John Tadese, shop owner.
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