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Jedco Standard Charges

Jedco Standard Charges

All JEDCO charges include labor, equipment, travel and sundry costs. These prices are standard, but the SSP cost may vary depending on the market currency exchange rate.

 Service ProvidedJEDCO Rate (USD)
1Meter connection 
 Single Phase50.1
 Three Phase75.15
 Hi Current Meter200.41
2Meter Relocation 
 Single Phase75.15
 Three Phase100.2
 Hi Current Meter400.81
3Meter Upgrade / Downgrade 
 Single Phase50.1
 Three Phase75.15
 Hi Current Meter200.41
4Transfer of Ownership 
 Single Phase3.8
 Three Phase5.7
 Hi Current Meter12.67
5Monthly Service Charge 
 Single Phase3.01
 Three Phase5.01
 Hi Current Meter12.53
6Meter Reconnection 
 Single Phase25.05
 Three Phase50.1
 Hi Current Meter100.2
7Application Form Fee 
 Single Phase2.15
 Three Phase3.17
 Hi Current Meter


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