How to Apply for Electric Connection

How to Apply for a Connection

JEDCO will assess the application to determine what is needed to supply electricity to the property and will give you a quotation.


Complete the application form or a letter addressed to JEDCO, with the subject ‘Request for New Connection’


If you have an old Conlog Meter, then your subject should be ‘Request for Reconnection’, and you need to bring your old meter documents of eligibility.


Bring your registered and updated Identification Card / Passport


If an agent or representative is applying on your behalf, they need to present legal documents


Submit a copy of the Plot Ownership document


If the application is for a company, all the necessary registration documents should be submitted and a site plan of the premises where the connection is required


If the applicant is renting, the legal agreement should be submitted

Once payment is made, you should be connected to the power grid within two weeks.

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